Beautify your landscape all year long!

Rooster Rubber Premium Rubber Mulch is great for all your landscaping needs – mulching flower beds, trees, and any garden area. It is environmentally safe for plants and animals. Premium Rubber Mulch insulates the soil while allowing water to pass through to plant roots. Premium Rubber Mulch does not attract termites or bugs and will not rot. Available in several standard colors, Premium Rubber Mulch is guaranteed for 12 years.
Mulch Once. Play Forever.


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  • Guaranteed for 12 years
  • Will not rot
  • Insulates soil
  • Allows nutrients to pass through to roots
  • No termites or bugs
  • No mold, fungus or mildew
  • Will not blow or wash away
  • Allows time for fun!

All colors of Rooster Rubber Premium Rubber Mulch are available in 1.5 cubic foot bags and super sacks.

Redwood and Brown are also available in .8 cubic foot bags.

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